About us

                                 SHROUD is a brand of SHROUD ENTERPRISE which is continuously taking care of ITS customer over a years by providing a better quality in good price with good customer support. The company has a vital experience in garment industry & now the company is going to satisfy its user by www.shroud.in.To wear a comfortable casual wear is very routine now a days. The SHROUD has added more styles in your casual collection. We have an entire team to produce a product that SUITES you & FITS you.


We help you to choose best fabric


                                     SHROUD has a wide range of fabrics in casual that suit the requirement of every individual. A good quality fabric can make you more comfortable in Indian weather. Even we have a product for winter season & also hot and humid season. Our skin friendly range is keep you fresh every time.


We will provide good quality with better price

                                       SHROUD believes to provide a good quality from the beginning. There are so many of them are in the market which are cost you more but gives you less. We are no believing in that. We are always thinking of your wardrobe budget & gives you best quality with that.


                                                                                                                                      HAPPY SHOPPING..!